A day at the Abbey

Chant des matines 5h20 Wake up

5h55 Matins and Lauds; followed by private prayer, Lectio Divina, and breakfast

9h15 Terce

Messe conventuelle 9h30 Conventual Mass

Travail en cuisine Work of various kinds

12h45 Sext

13h Lunch followed by the office of None

Au réfectoire temps d'études Chanoine en lectio divina

Work, study, our apostolates...

17h15 Lectio Divina

18h Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

18h30 Vespers
followed by Chapter and supper.

20h20 Recreation

Au réfectoire 20h40 Compline

21h40 Bed

Our apostolates, study and various jobs fill the rest of the day. The timetable changes during the week to allow time for more extended liturgy or for an afternoon of relaxation.

Travail en bibliothèque Cours de théologie Visite dans le village