Are religious allowed to play?

One day, a child asked us:
"Are religious allowed to play?"

The answer in pictures:

"From time to time, man needs to take a rest by abstaining from physical work. His soul also occasionally needs to rest from the spiritual tension required by serious activities, and that is what happens through sport."
(St Thomas Aquinas )

Football during the winter of 2011

Once or twice a year, we have a community outing. As part of the programme, there’s a cultural tour, a picnic and sometimes also a game like this football match on the beach in Gruissan.

Football on the beach at Gruissan

Just like St John Bosco, the canons play to relax. Every Sunday afternoon, volunteers gather for a walk, a football match or teque (a simplified form of baseball).

We organise games for children when groups of families come to the abbey. Sometimes brothers disguise themselves, to the delight of young and old.

These photos give a glimpse of a great game at the abbey, when brothers disguised as famous adventurers guide the children to secret messages .

The moral of this story:
"Joy is the gigantic secret of the Christian!"
( Chesterton )