At the service of the Church.

In our service to the Church, we have always tried hard to remain available to the promptings of Divine Providence. In fact, our apostolates are of several different kinds:

-  Each day at the abbey we welcome pilgrims, those who wish to make retreats and poor men and women who are just passing by. Children and teenagers profit from days of spiritual support which we hold in collaboration with our Sisters and together with the priests of the diocese.

- In the Diocese of Carcassonne itself, in union with the Bishop and his priests, we serve a chapel at Castelnaudary (Mass every Sunday at 09.30, Chapelle de la Pitié, 200 metres from the hospital), and we give regular conferences in Narbonne on the spirituality of married life, and on a variety of subjects in other parishes.

-  Every month, canons from the Abbey are sent all over France to preach at recollections, pilgrimages, and youth camps.

-  Family sessions are available every summer, at which families can relax, pray and receive instruction appropriate to each age group.