December 2005 :

The building work is finished in time and we can welcome the families of three new priests ordained on 10th December in our Abbey Church.

November 2005 :

A wooden structure is installed by the carpenters, and the masons build three parlours and a reception-room. But torrential rain floods a part of the courtyard, and the water comes close to the plasterboard walls of the future parlours. A statue of St Joseph is brought onto the building site. The following day everything is dry and the astonished workmen suggest building a niche to house the statue. Now we call this room the St Joseph Parlour.

September 2005 :

Since the summer, we have been welcoming families and friends either in the courtyard or in the garden. To be able to welcome them during the winter, we shall have to fit out some parlours, so the brothers put on their working clothes to prepare the walls and the ground.