The cloister

Spring 2012:

How should the cloister garden be arranged?
That’s the question posed by several landscapers and some brothers from the community. A sober and symbolic project is retained, plantations are planned for next September after the great heat of summer. But there is a problem. The central water feature is too expensive, and we cannot fund it. Fr Michel announces this to the team leader who informs the owner of the building firm. The firm contacts us and says: "The company is willing and proud to offer a stone basin as its part in the restoration of the abbey." A big thank you to all our supporters!

November 2010:

Workers clean the interior garden and trees are replanted in the abbey park. The rainwater drainage system is being restored, which requires the original trench to be modernised and sealed.

March 2010 :

In the corners of the cloister, large copper plates ensure that the places where the wings join are watertight. Then the tiles are laid one by one.

January 2010 :

After final preparations and the laying of electric cables to provide for the lighting of the cloister, 144 cubic metres of concrete are laid, put down under pressure from lorries which take over from one another in the courtyard. To lighten the whole thing, the concrete is mixed with ball-bearings and pieces of polystyrene.

September 2009 :

The interior vault of one of the galleries has been repaired and holes have been made for the next stage: placing the tie-beams over the North gallery.

March 2009 :

A huge building-operation begins, which will occupy us for a long time: the restoration, or rather the safeguarding, of the cloister, under the direction of the Chief Architect of the Historic Monuments service. A large scaffold is put up under the east wing. All the plaster is taken off. The splits which have been exposed will soon be filled.

Before 2009 :

Let’s consider the state of the place : the ceilings are cracked, the roof leaks, one of the wings is covered with corrugated iron, but despite these injuries the cloister is not without charm...