The kitchen and refectory

Many friends came to visit these new places during our open day. We now take our meals together while listening to a reading, as Saint Augustine demands. “Not only that your mouth may absorb the food, but that your ears may also be hungry for the word of God.” (Rule 3.2)

September 2012:

This is the big move. Finally, our new kitchen is functional, hygienic and bright. The refectory is simple, adapted to our numbers and joyful.

August 2012:

The work is complete, it’s time for cleaning up. The brothers are trained to use the new equipment suited to our numbers.

May 2012:

The work gets under way again. Once the new company arrives, all the workers redouble their efforts. The walls are tiled, and the painters follow.

Winter 2011:

The economic crisis takes its toll on our work. The company which did the electrical work has to file for bankruptcy. While waiting to find a replacement, the site sits idle for a few weeks of the winter.

October 2011:

The refectory and future kitchen take shape. Power lines are laid and the building work comes to an end.

Heating pipes provided by a generous patron are laid on a concrete slab. Then everything is covered with terracotta tiles.

May 2011:

The hardest part is done: all cables and pipes are laid, and the first partitions are put up. We can already imagine what this large kitchen will look like...

March 2011:

Things prove to be more complicated to realise than we had planned. We pray to St Joseph who now watches over the site day and night.

January 2011:

After extensive specialist research and consulting our chef brothers, the plan is made: in eight months, we will have a large community kitchen! Many people are sceptical when they see the current state of what will become the kitchen. We must completely redo the floor, bring in water and electricity, and allow steam and water vapour to escape.

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Plan of the kitchen